Announcements: CNSST Board Chair Change & Senior Management Team New Role & Appointment 20/02/2017
Date: 20 February 2017

The board of Chinese New Settlers Services Trust (CNSST) announces the following changes to the board and the senior management team.


AT the last CNSST Annual General Meeting on 16th October 2016, the chairperson at that time, Mr Kit Wong MNZM, stepped down from the role due to family reasons; he has, however, kindly agreed to stay on the board as a trustee. Ms Stella Chan was elected as the new chairperson with immediate effect. The current board has now a total of 7 trustees with their roles as follows:

Stella Chan                 Chairperson
Wilson Young              Deputy Chair & Secretary
Minmin Wang             Treasurer
Kit Wong MNZM          Trustee
Jenny Wang QSM        Trustee
Maggie Chen               Trustee
Janet Lee                    Trustee

Based on the CNSST development strategy and its current business growth, at the last CNSST board meeting on 19th February 2017 the board approved a new organizational structure with a newly created role of Deputy Executive Director of CNSST.  Mr Bill Guan, the current Social Enterprise Manager, was appointed to the role with immediate effect. The current senior management team has now a total of 4 members with their roles as follows:  

Executive Director: Jenny WANG QSM
Deputy Executive Director & Senior Manager, Social Enterprise: Bill GUAN

Senior Manager, Social Services: Gloria GAO
Senior Manager, Finance & Admin: Connie LI