2016 Auckland Migrant Entrepreneur Forum

August 28, 2016

With the support from Whau Local Board, ATEED and Office of Ethnic Communities, CNSST have successfully accomplished the 2016 Auckland Migrant Entrepreneur Forum at Soljans Estate Winery on 25th Aug 2016, with the participation of 98 people from 68 migrant businesses.

The forum is the second stage of the Whau Migrant Business Support Programme (WMBS) launched in late 2016. Stage one of the programme is to engage and visit Whau migrant businesses to identify their issues and needs in running business in Whau local board area.The purpose of WMBS is to engage with the migrant business community in the Whau in order to build trust, understand their issues and to work with mainstream agencies to help meet their needs. And the aim is to improve service delivery and ensure the Whau Local Board area is seen as a supportive area for migrant businesses to establish and grow.

There were a total of 98 participants from 68 migrant businesses, who have been empowered and connected under the theme of the Forum “Connecting, Learning, Developing”. Through the Forum, they have reunited with the old business fellows as well as developing the new business network. Through the presentations, the business owners have gained the awareness and knowledge on NZ economy, law and legislations as well as the support services as follows:

  1. NZ Economy Overview by ANZ Senior Economist
  2. The Health and Safety Act 2015 by EMA Health & Safety Portfolio Manager.
  3. Business Support and Consultation services by ATEED and Whau Local Board.
  4. Whau Migrant Business Support Research Findings (102 participating Whau Migrant Businesses).

The section of the open floor discussion has effectively provided the opportunity for the migrant businesses to raise their concerns to the specific and relevant support agencies as well as receiving the timely responses on the spot. The presenting Panel members are respectively representing the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, IRD, ACC, Whau Local Board, ATEED and Rosebank Business Association. And the 2016 Auckland Migrant Entrepreneur forum was successfully ended with the networking lunch.

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