Pink Shirt Day – Hand-in-hand against Bullying

May 22, 2015

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is all about action — small actions leading to larger actions that create positive change in social relationships. We can all take the simplest action by wearing a pink shirt on Friday 22 May. In this way you show you are an ally, and are committed to reducing bullying and promoting positive relationships. It might seem like a small thing but, to someone who is feeling alone, the pink shirt shows there are people around who care and, together, can connect and make a difference. Becoming an ally also promotes a kinder society.

Wearing a pink shirt is just the beginning

We can all use Pink Shirt Day as a starting point to begin conversations about bullying and make a difference. Here’s an idea, put on your pink shirt, download a speech bubble, take a pic and post it online with #pinkshirtdaynz!

If you are in being bullied and taunted, you are not alone.  If you are being bullied and taunted is not your fault.  You can do something positive about it. Let the whole community take actions, “hand-in-hand against bullying”, build a harmony community with zero bullying.

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