Brief Overview

CNSST Foundation (CNSST), formerly known as Chinese New Settlers Services Trust, began in the founder Jenny Wang’s home garage in September 1998. As a registered charitable trust, CNSST Foundation offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services to both Asian new settlers and the community as a whole in New Zealand.

CNSST is located in the Panmure business centre with 7 cultural learning centres located across the Auckland region. The list of governmental organizations and professional associations, for whom CNSST Foundation is an approved service provider in various capacities include:

  • 2002, CYF approved as a L2 community service provider
  • 2010, NZICA, as an ATE
  • 2013, SHU approved as a social housing provider
  • 2013, MOE/NZQA approved as a PTE

In the past 23 years CNSST Foundation has been distinguished with awards from both local council and governmental organisations from China for exceptional performance. These awards include:

  • Mayoral awards for excellence
  • Community volunteer awards
  • Community awards for road safety programmes
  • The award for excellence in teaching of Chinese language
  • The award for outstanding performance in overseas cultural education
  • Community Volunteer Award
  • Community Flu Fighter Award
  • Zero Waste Award
  • Community Heroes Award for the COVID-19 respond services
  • Community Spirit Award
  • Finalist in the HSBC NZCTA China Business Awards 2015 for the Cathay Pacific Award for Outstanding Contribution

Our Team and Our Languages:
CNSST Foundation serves over 15,000 clients per annum. Our staff consists of 23 full time paid staff, 11 part time paid staff, 74 contracted professionals, and over 50 unpaid long term volunteers. These include board members, lawyers providing free legal advice and speakers at our educational workshops.

All of our workers are qualified in New Zealand and in many cases bring overseas qualifications with them as well. We are able to provide services in a range of languages including English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and other dialects), Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malay, Mongolian and Greek.

Our mission: To improve the quality of life of Asian New Zealanders.

Our Goal: To establish Asian community multi-service centres and to help all Asian new settlers to integrate and contribute to New Zealand society through our services delivery.

Our Vision: To work towards meeting the needs of the Asian seniors, children and young people, and all other new settlers, and to facilitate the successful integration of Asian new settlers into wider New Zealand society.

Current Services:

Social Services
As NZ government approved L2 community service provider:

  • Professional social work and counselling interventions
  • Employment and enterprise services for both job seekers and employers
  • Newcomers’ settlement support
  • Maternal health, nutrition and physical activity programmes
  • Asian cultural events & celebration of traditional festivals

NZQA approved PTE delivering tertiary education to both international and local students, including:

  • The English language and kiwi culture programme for newcomers
  • Free adult literacy and numeracy English courses
  • Employment coaching and vocational training, e.g. MYOB & XERO courses to local small business and new graduates, NZQA Approved Food Safety Training
  • Holiday programmes, Chinese language and cultural training and after-school programmes for local young people at our six cultural learning centres in Auckland.

Social Housing
NZ government approved social housing provider, in partnership with HUD, running a social housing apartment block “CNSST Kotuku House” for local senior migrants with wraparound wellbeing support services.

Domestic and International Engagement Projects

  • NZIAA licensed Immigration consultation services
  • Qualified translation services: English to Chinese
  • Asian community engagement and research projects
  • CNSST volunteer and student centre
  • User pay CV writing & employment skill training for job seekers
  • International study tour projects and programmes
  • International cultural experience trips to Chin