MYOB and XERO Training


I would like to send my many thanks to CNSST and Connie. I just arrived New Zealand about one and half months. I enrol the MYOB training course and also do a volunteer job in Asian volunteer centre. Thanks CNSST give me the job opportunity and training courses. Now, I have already got a full time job in a CA firm in NZ. I really exciting. Without MYOB training courses, I think I could not this job so quickly. MYOB courses not only touch me the knowledge of accounting software. But also, built the network for me. This study experience made me more confidence when I searching a job. I really enjoy it and work in CNSST.

Shuang Hu
Dear Connie, many thanks to you and CNSST for providing such a fantastic opportunity for me to work here and study the MYOB training course. I have learnt a lot from Connie IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS, Best wish to you

Dear Connie, Thank you providing the chance to me that I can get experience.  I have learned a lot from MYOB course.

Dear Connie, many thanks for CNSST to provide this good training course and job opportunity. I learbed a lot from here. Thank you so much.

Hong Xu
Dear Connie and CNSST, I would like to say “Thank you” to Connie & CNSST for offering such good opportunity to learn MYOB course and work in Accounting and administration with very warm and friendly staff and other volunteers. This study and work experience will really help me achieve my accounting career. I will remember this experience that you and CNSST gave me forever.  Thanks again.