MYOB and XERO Training

XERO Training Courses

Over 90% small and media size business both in NZ and Australia use Xero as their accounting software. Whether as a business owner, accounting professional or beginner, or whether you simply wish to add a highly employable skill to your current abilities, knowledge of Xero is an invaluable asset.

Since the CNSST Xero Training Centre was established in February 2011, over 150 students have successfully graduated from its courses. Of these, over 95% have found a related job after completing training and gaining work experience in an accounting environment at CNSST.

Advantages of studying XERO with us are:

  • Payroll Management
  • Advanced Processing

Our course is suitable for:

  • Business owners
  • University students
  • Accountants ( NZ or overseas qualified)
  • Anyone without an accounting background, who simply wishes to increase their job opportunities

For more information contact us at our number below and ask for Connie.
Ph:+64 9 570 1188