Overseas Chinese Services Centre

CNSST Chinese Overseas Learning CentreDevelopmental Strategies:
CNSST Foundation has been officially designated as an Overseas Chinese Service Centre since 28th September 2015. In this role we are pursuing the following three key developmental strategies:

  • To enhance the communication between NZ and China governments with the aim of improving the well-being of Chinese migrants in NZ.
  • To employ a part time social worker to work with the Chinese migrants in NZ on critical issues.
  • To research, edit and publish a NZ Guide for Overseas Chinese Migrants as a sustainable information resource.

Social Integration:
Culturally and linguistically appropriate Settlement Information:

The ‘An Ju Le Ye’ (‘Settle well and prosper’) settlement support service aims to remove the barriers faced by new Chinese migrants in settling and integrating into New Zealand’s multi-cultural society.  The service includes:

  • Provision of settlement information on day-to-day issues: Answering general settlement enquiries on work, study and life in NZ via phone, email or face to face consultation.
  • Introduction to New Zealand’s social system, laws and legislations, Settlement Workshops on NZ road code, taxation, medical system, social welfare, employment support.
  • Referral service: Referring migrants to other network agencies for specialised services.
  • Coordination of Chinese cultural events to promote the local cultural cohesion and recognition, eg. Chinese New Year, Chinese Moon Festival.

Family Support:
Social Work & Counseling Services for:

  • Conflicts in cross-cultural families
  • Advice on parenting skills.
  • Mental Health issues caused by stress and cultural difference.

Employment Support–Employment coaching and job matching.

Free Chinese Legal Advice.

Senior Support and Youth Cultural Heritage:
Art, cultural, educational and recreational activities for elderly Chinese migrants, e.g. Taichi, English, Mahjong and health check-ups.

Chinese cultural and educational programmes for Kiwi Chinese children and young people to empower them to better understand their bi-cultural identity as well as Chinese culture, history, and traditional arts and crafts.