Employment & Enterprise Services

CNSST Foundation has been a consistent and invaluable community employment resource for local employers and job seekers since its founding.

For local businesses, the growing Asian segment of the NZ population is one of the largest and fastest developing niche markets for a variety of services and products. To cater to the needs of this special market, local employers and businesses have come to understand the value of staff conversant with Asian cultures and languages.

CNSST Foundation is well poised to offer local employers candidates drawn from its extensive network of job seekers with precisely this knowledge. The growing importance of Asia to New Zealand exporters  means an ever increasing demand for staff familiar with the culture of their business partners.

As a bridge between businesses and job seekers, CNSST aims to help optimize the skills and experience of all job seekers by matching and referring them to employers who need what they can offer.  In this way CNSST makes its own contribution to the economic betterment of the community at large.

Contact information:

Address:               15 – 19 Clifton Court, Panmure, Auckland
Phone:                 09 570 1188