Settlement Support Services

Youth Support Programme

Break-away Holiday Programme:

CNSST Foundation offers fun and engaging holiday programmes designed to build young peoples’ self-esteem and confidence through participation. We have specifically designed culturally focused programmes that cover a range of physical, creative and social activities for primary, intermediate and secondary school students to enjoy.

Kiwi Dragon Youth Leadership Campaign:

This programme aims to improve young people’s leadership skills. Tailored for ages from 12 to 24 the programme gives participants the chance to be actively involved in its planning and delivery. Participants attend a variety of training sessions and share their knowledge and experience with other young people.

Anti-Alcohol Programme:

This is an informal discussion-based programme directed at young people.  The problem of alcohol abuse is discussed together with them in groups, along with the harm excessive drinking can cause as well as strategies for its prevention, .

Samples of educational materials distributed can be viewed by clicking on the links below.