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Your guide to living and working in New Zealand

Coming to NZ
Visas, customs, border security, healthcare, insurance

NZ Passports and Citizenship
NZ citizenship, dual citizenship, passports

Leaving NZ
Moving to Australia, travelling or moving overseas

Jobs, IRD number, volunteering, leave, tax, KiwiSaver, NZ Super, retirement, benefits, rights

NZ Employee minimum rights online checking tool (six languages available)

Learning English, early childhood education, school, college, tertiary education, apprenticeships, training

Family and whānau
Having a child, getting married, changing your name, financial help, separation, divorce, bereavement

Car seats for kids, buying and selling a vehicle, registration, WOF, driver licenses, traffic information, fines, tickets, losing your license

Housing and property
Renting, boarding, buying, selling, renovating, building, insulation, leaky homes, Rules Reduction submissions, neighbourhood problems