August 9, 2023

Executive Director of CNSST Foundation, Jenny Wang responds to media reports claiming that the organisation is silencing Asian workers and new settlers to speak out

Auckland, New Zealand – 9 August 2023 – The CNSST Foundation is responding to the recent media reports claiming that the organisation is silencing Asian workers and new settlers to speak out to the media.

Contrary to the claim, CNSST Foundation is clarifying that this is an unfortunate case of misunderstanding that has been taken out of context.

“We acknowledge that there has been a misunderstanding per the informal text exchange between a staff member in a group chat setting,” says CNSST Foundation’s Executive Director, Jenny Wang.

“CNSST provides a range of services to workers and new settlers which include education, assistance with housing and social issues and employment advice, but media advice is not a service we offer.

“The staff member, who is not an authorised spokesperson, was trying to explain that CNSST do not provide advice on how to talk to the media, and if any exploited workers wanted to speak to the media, they can do so on their own responsibility.

“Unfortunately, this was not communicated well by our staff member and some people in the group misunderstood what our staff member was trying to say.

“To clarify CNSST has never told any client or person we have advised not to talk to the media. We respect the right of our clients to seek support from third parties for other services we don’t provide.

 “As a community service provider, we deeply care about the wellbeing of the new settlers and workers, and we are committed to supporting them and their families during their most challenging times.

“Regretfully, this misunderstanding was caused by a staff member who was not able to communicate what they really meant to say, and we apologise for any offence it may have caused.”


About CNSST Foundation

CNSST Foundation, formerly known as Chinese New Settlers Services Trust, has been registered as a charitable trust in New Zealand since 1998. The trust provides culturally and linguistically appropriate social services, education and social housing to over 15,000 Asian and ethnic persons in Auckland and further afield in New Zealand every year.