Love Food Hate Waste – Chinese Community Campaign

October 17, 2022


Love Food Hate Waste – Chinese Community Campaign


In acknowledgement of the support from Auckland Council Love Food Hate Waste Fund



Project period is from July 2021 to September 2022.

Project target is Chinese community in Auckland.

Through mass media promotion, the LFHW Chinese Community Campaign have reached out 10,000 Chinese people in Auckland and New Zealand via TV and Radio Campaign.


CNSST run an educational campaign in Chinese community that focus on delivering innovative activities aimed at changing wasteful behaviours including:

  • Planning food purchases and meals
  • Creative collecting for potentially wasted food
  • Nutrition tips and recipes for cooking the commonly wasted food
  • Tips for good storage of food
  • Raising awareness of the problem of household food waste


The purpose of this project responds to the initiative of Auckland Council’s Love Food Hate Waste to reduce food waste:

  • Improving Chinese community awareness
  • Reducing Auckland’s reliance on Landfills
  • Preventing community food waste and Reducing home food waste
  • Promote healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Empower communities and promote social involvement
  • Maximising local economic development opportunities