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Overseas Recruitment & Job Placements

Scope of Services

We support New Zealand business owners to engage with Immigration New Zealand for:

  • Recruiting highly skilled and experienced Chinese workers to work legally in New Zealand
  • Becoming an Accredited employer so that you may directly recruit overseas workers
  • Facilitating overseas travel and consultations to meet and recruit prospective candidates in China

We also support New Zealanders seeking work in China by offering guidance on immigration policy and work related documentation. We may also be able to assist with living arrangements for New Zealanders working in China.

We organise and conduct Business seminars and Webinars to provide information and guidance for overseas job seekers.

In conjunction with our business clients we work to ensure that all aspects of regulatory compliance relating to Immigration New Zealand are updated and properly maintained.

CNSST Foundation Business Seminar

Overseas Recruitment Services

Overseas Recruitment Services:
Our immigration team can help you plan the recruitment process:

  • Confirm that job vacancy will meet the requirements of a valid visa category
  • Check for alignment with current Essential skills in demand criteria
  • Consider which country has suitable candidates. cultural differences, experience, skills, qualifications
  • Check the rules and regulations applicable in the workers’ country
  • Adopt ways to attract the right quality of workers
  • Set realistic timeframes from start to finish- until overseas workers arrive for work in NZ
  • Follow the current immigration policy guidelines for lodging a visa application

We also offer advice on Human Rights guidelines for employers of overseas workers:

Policy guidelines for New Zealand businesses employing overseas workers

Before recruiting from offshore, the role must be offered to a New Zealand citizen or resident who can do the job or be readily trained to do it.

Exceptions are:

  • An Accredited Employer with Immigration New Zealand may employ a migrant worker under the Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa
  • The occupation is listed in the Essential Skills list and the candidate meets required qualification/work experience requirements.

Does the position you are recruiting for meet INZ requirements?

Applications must be accompanied by documents which demonstrate that the employer meets the requirements (use INZ 1090) and a fee. The fee is lower for renewal of accreditation.

To book a consultation appointment for assistance or advice on any of the above, please call Rachel Huang (022 2760 582) or click here.