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Translation Services

For Individuals, Businesses and Organisations:

Languages we translate from and into are as follows:

Languages translated from Languages translated into
English Chinese
English Korean
English Japanese
Chinese English*

*Government departments, such as INZ or MSD, usually require any translation submitted to them from other languages into English to be done by a translator with specific accreditation. Currently CNSST offers this kind of service for Chinese to English only, and the service is subject to translator availability.

CNSST Foundation is well-experienced in providing accurate and stylistically appropriate translations from English into major Asian community languages, namely, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. For local bodies or government offices, this means being able to keep these migrant communities in the loop of local or national affairs and to ensure they are fully informed on any development or event likely to affect them


Pricing of translations takes into consideration:

  • Required time frame
  • Nature of document (specialised/technical or general)
  • Number of words
  • The quality of the document e.g. handwritten, typed, scanned

We will give a quote once we have an opportunity to see document you want to have translated, and after taking in account the above factors.


CNSST Foundation will always attempt to deliver translations by the time you require them. However, the ability to complete your request will be subject to the availability of the relevant translator, and to the time required to complete the translation to a professional standard.  It is essential, therefore, to make sure you advise us of any urgency, in case it is not possible for us to meet your deadline.

On payment CNSST will issue you an official receipt that can be used for tax purposes.

N.B. For community organisations or NGOs CNSST offers a discounted rate on negotiation.

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